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Senator Eric Lesser and Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino join together to discuss the importance of “Natural Alternatives to Address the Opioid Crisis” at The Integrative Health Group on January 19 from 3-7pm.  This lecture is free and open to the public.  Please call Better Life at 413-783-9424 ext 2 to register.

Join us for a free informational talk on Environmental Medicine on June 10 from noon-1:30 at The Integrative Health Group in Springfield MA. This talk will connect the dots between pollutants in our environment and our health. We will discuss oil, coal, and fracking contaminants as well as pesticides and chemical fertilizers that all wreak havoc on our health. We will discuss contaminants in our foods, dental amalgams, beauty care products, cleaning agents, and in everyday products and utensils used in and around our homes and bodies. We will discuss the ramifications of these pollutants on our health, including conditions such as asthma, autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, fatigue, diabetes, obesity, infertility, neurological illnesses, autism and cancer. We will also discuss methods of testing for heavy metal toxicity such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium. Test kits will be available for purchase. We will explore methods of avoiding these toxins with healthier alternatives, as well as detoxification methods to cleanse the body from these environmental exposures. Please call 413-783-9424 ext 2 to reserve your seat.

Are you tired? Do you lack energy? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue? Do you want to feel more vibrant and energetic? Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino will be discussing ‘Chronic Fatigue’ on Sat Oct 1 at 12:30 at The Integrative Health Group in Springfield MA.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, she will outline all of the possible root causes of fatigue. Nutrient deficiencies/malabsorptions, poor diet, Insomnia, Thyroid Disfunction, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Stress, Neurological or Hormonal Imbalance, Food Sensitivities/Intolerances, Candidiasis, Chronic Viral Infections, and Lyme Disease are all potential causes of fatigue. We will systematically learn how to differentiate the cause of your fatigue as well as learn easy lab assessments to determine causative factors. We will also learn potential Naturopathic treatment protocols for chronic fatigue using herbs, clinical nutrition, and diet.

Dr. Jus Crea will be presenting a talk on ‘Raising Healthy Children Naturally from a Traditional Perspective’ for the third annual Wabanaki Wellness Gathering being held at Indian Township, Maine on Tues Oct 11.  We will discuss Natural Therapeutics for Pediatrics based on our Traditional Customs as Wabanaki people.  In the afternoon, she will lead a Medicine Making Workshop for children’s remedies.  We will make a herbal salve for eczema, herbal teas, as well as elderberry syrup.  All participants will be able to take home medicines.